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Want to see what it’s like inside of the membership area? Check out the sneak peak walkthrough video, enjoy one of our real-life situational videos, and see how creatively we teach math problems. Scroll down to watch these helpful videos from RD Boot Camp.

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SNEAK PEAK of the Membership side

RD Boot Camp’s Membership gives you unlimited access to:
  • A Fully Interactive Course
  • Real-life, situational videos
  • Instructor-Led videos
  • Calculation walkthrough videos
  • Key Items to Remember outlines
  • Flash cards
  • Quizzes and practice exams that mimic the RD exam

Real-Life Situational Videos

The member area contains a vast library of videos just like this one on topics you need to know for the RD Exam. Below every video, there is a “key items to remember” section where you can read the important facts about the topic.

Instructor-Led Classes

It’s like having a private tutor on your time schedule! We help you UNDERSTAND and REMEMBER the information. Lots of topics to choose, including MATH that you need to know!

Helpful videos from RD Boot Camp’s class instructor and private tutor

Memorization Techniques

Use memory techniques to help you find creative ways to remember Microorganisms: Bacteria, Viruses, Toxins and Parasites.

Test Taking Strategies

In this video, we answer some of your frequently asked questions about studying, memorization, answering test questions, and mindset.