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Janean G

Be Well Solutions Dietetic Internship (BWSDI)

This is the BEST resource I have found! I cannot thank the RDs behind RD Boot Camp enough for this resource.

I LOVED the live classes, the practice exams, and the videos. As a visual learner, I can say RD Boot Camp makes the information easier to remember with the use of graphics. I also did private tutoring with Lindsay and she was able to guide me through my anxieties and work through practice questions in a rememberable and practical way. Seriously the greatest!!

Mickenzie D

West Chester University

When I first signed up for RD Boot Camp, I was quickly impressed by the extremely helpful, engaging videos that made topics so much easier to remember & understand! The classes were so helpful in remembering some of the trickier topics… Lindsay, the teacher for all of the live classes I attended, was amazing at teaching fun tricks to remember topics, and also extremely patient when teaching the more complex topics! She was always willing to address any confusion and answer all questions. I am so grateful to have come across this resource, and I would gladly recommend RD Boot Camp to other future RDs!

Kathryn G

Michigan Medicine at the University of Michigan

RD Boot Camp was a great resource for prepping for the RD exam. The live classes were SO helpful, and I loved the entertaining videos to help solidify concepts. There are so many good charts in the membership portal to simplify the information (e.g. foodborne illnesses, types of insulin, etc). I highly recommend!

Kylie McHugh holding up her CDR Passed the RD Exam sheet

Kylie M

West Chester University

RD Boot Camp was so helpful in prepping for the RD exam! I took classes on topics that I was unsure about and it really helped with memorization, application questions and understanding the topic in relation to questions on the test. Lindsay is such a great instructor and if you’re struggling with a topic or just need an overview, RD Boot Camp is awesome. I love how you can choose what classes you want to attend and the variety of classes they offer! Highly recommend to those preparing to take the RD exam.


Sharon A

Aramark internship/ West Chester University

RD Boot Camp is such a great resource if you are looking for more critical thinking and situational questions to practice. I highly recommend RD Boot Camp to those who are preparing for the exam. Lindsay is such a pleasant person to work with. She explained each question thoroughly in a fun and easy to remember way. Thank you for creating this beautiful and colorful website that are so helpful for many future RDs.

Amanda Severson

Illinois State University

I needed help with the food service calculations and the diabetes exchanges. I was not able to find another resource that explained it so perfectly. I was able to understand & memorize them so easily. I am a visual learner so the animated videos were stellar. The other major factors that made RD Boot Camp so awesome are the mnemonics for the medication interactions & the nutrition support videos. I was also happy because the price was affordable & reasonable.

Kylie McHugh holding up her CDR Passed the RD Exam sheet

Christina C

University of Connecticut CUP Internship

I became an RD way back in 1985 … I wasn’t using my RD so I let it expire… I knew I needed a good prep course and I’m so glad I chose RD Boot Camp. It was instrumental in preparing me for the exam. The videos are great, they are fun and engaging!

I actually enjoyed watching them. The quizzes and practice tests are also really helpful. I’ve heard that credentialing exams for healthcare practitioners can be tricky and the topics may change over time, so I think it must be challenging for any prep course to cover all the possible content. However, I relied almost exclusively on RD Boot Camp, and it got me the result I wanted — I passed!exam.


Kylie McHugh holding up her CDR Passed the RD Exam sheet

Alison Lyons

Lagniappe Wellness

I absolutely attribute passing on my second try to RD Boot Camp. I did not use it for my first try, but used it for my second and it was so helpful. The other study programs I was using were just practice questions, so I found having the review videos incredibly helpful in refreshing my memory of everything I learned from my internship. The videos were sometimes silly, but that helped everything stick rather than reading from a dry text book. The quizzes and pre-tests were challenging but not impossible, and I felt very confident going into my exam the second time.


Kylie McHugh holding up her CDR Passed the RD Exam sheet

Sunshine C

Penn State University

I passed the RD exam on my first attempt! I’m grateful for the RD Boot Camp exam program’s entertaining and helpful videos and resources. It helped me stay motivated and interested in studying when I was starting to lose steam after a month. I was hesitant to seek another program due to the high prices and uncertainty of what I was signing up for, but then I found RD Boot Camp and found their sample video helpful and price affordable.


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