Post a FEATURED Job Listing (promotion included)


Thank you for considering a FEATURED job listing on RD Boot Camp’s Career search page. We welcome your job posting. RD Boot Camp’s Career Search is free to all students, including non RD Boot Camp members.

Once you purchase the listing:

  1. You will gain access to the form where you will post your listing
  2. Your listing will be publicly available for 30-days
  3. Your listing will be sticky during searches. (Please allow us 24-hours to change the setting of your job to “featured”.)
  4. Your job will be mentioned in an RD Boot Camp promotion email during the 30-days it is listed
    1. Please submit an image and some promotional wording (about 1-3 sentences)

Please feel free to share your listing on your social media channels.  We wish you luck in your search!