Module 1Get Started
Unit 1Get Started Instructions
Module 2Vitamins and Minerals
Unit 1Vitamin A
Unit 2Vitamin D
Unit 3Vitamin E
Unit 4Vitamin K
Unit 5Flash cards: Fat-Soluble Vitamins A
Unit 6Flash cards: Fat-Soluble Vitamins B
Unit 7Thiamin (Vitamin B1)
Unit 8Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
Unit 9Flash Cards: Water-Soluble Vitamins A
Unit 10Flash Cards: Water-Soluble Vitamins B
Unit 11Iron
Unit 12Flash Cards: Minerals
Module 3Diabetes
Unit 1Diabetes Overview
Unit 2Flash Cards: Diabetes Overview
Unit 3Diagnostics
Unit 4Flash Cards: Diabetes labs
Unit 5Glycemic Load and Complications
Unit 6Types of Insulin
Unit 7Flash Cards: Diabetes Insulin Management
Unit 8The Diabetes Exchange List
Unit 9Flash Cards: Diabetes Exchange List
Unit 10Quiz (Coming Soon)
Module 4Renal System
Unit 1Diseases of the Renal System
Unit 2CKD stages 1-3 of Chronic Kidney Disease
Unit 3CKD Stages 4-5 of Chronic Kidney Disease
Unit 4Types of Dialysis (Coming Soon)
Unit 5Flash Cards (Coming Soon)
Unit 6Quiz (coming Soon)
Module 5Metabolic and Respiratory Acidosis and Alkalosis
Unit 1Metabolic Acidosis and Alkalosis
Unit 2Respiratory Acidosis and Alkalosis
Module 6Other Clinical Medical Conditions
Unit 1Other Clinical Medical Conditions
Unit 2The Nutrition Care Process
Unit 3Celiac Disease
Unit 4Gout
Unit 5Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM)
Unit 6Cystic Fibrosis
Unit 7Diverticulosis and Diverticulitis
Unit 8Flash Cards: General Medical Acronyms
Unit 9Flash Cards: Lab Values 1
Unit 10Flash Cards: Lab Values 2
Module 7Nutrition Support
Unit 1Enteral Nutrition
Unit 2Continuous Enteral Tube Feeding Calculations
Unit 3Parenteral Nutrition
Unit 4TPN Unit Conversion Calculations
Unit 5Refeeding Syndrome
Module 8Prescription Medications
Unit 1Prescription Medications
Unit 2Flash Cards: Prescription Medications
Module 9Lifecycle (peds, elder care, pregnancy)
Unit 1Picky Eating with Autism
Module 10Behavioral Change
Unit 1Eating Disorders
Unit 2Motivational Interviewing
Unit 3Transtheoretical Model (TTM)
Module 11Management
Unit 1Management Styles
Unit 2Employment Standards
Unit 3Unions
Module 12Management Math
Unit 1Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)
Unit 2Meals per Labor Hour, Minutes per Meal
Unit 3Labor Turnover Rate, Relief Workers, and Scheduling
Module 13Food Science
Unit 1Variations in Cake Batter
Unit 2Meat Inspection and Grading
Module 14Research
Unit 1Research Terms and Definitions
Unit 2Descriptive Statistics
Unit 3Case Study
Module 15Community
Unit 17 Steps in Conducting a Community Needs Assessment
Module 16Foodservice
Unit 1Types of Foodservice Systems
Unit 2Menu Engineering
Unit 3Cultural Diets
Unit 4Time and Temperature Control
Unit 5Microorganisms: Bacteria
Unit 6Microorganisms: Viruses and Parasites
Unit 7Microorganisms: Toxins
Module 17Foodservice Math
Unit 1Can Sizes
Unit 2Can Size Calculations
Unit 3Disher Sizes (Scoop Sizes)
Module 18Principles of Dietetics Quizzes
Unit 1Principles of Dietetics Quiz 1
Unit 2Principles of Dietetics Quiz 2
Unit 3Principles of Dietetics Quiz 3
Unit 4Principles of Dietetics Quiz 4
Unit 5Principles of Dietetics Quiz 5
Unit 6test unit
Module 19Nutrition Care for Individuals and Groups Quizzes
Unit 1Nutrition Care for Individuals and Groups Quiz 1
Unit 2Nutrition Care for Individuals and Groups Quiz 2
Unit 3Nutrition Care for Individuals and Groups Quiz 3
Unit 4Nutrition Care for Individuals and Groups Quiz 4
Unit 5Nutrition Care for Individuals and Groups Quiz 5
Module 20Management of Food and Nutrition Programs and Services Quizzes
Unit 1Management of Food and Nutrition Programs and Services Quiz 1
Unit 2Management of Food and Nutrition Programs and Services Quiz 2
Unit 3Management of Food and Nutrition Programs and Services Quiz 3
Unit 4Management of Food and Nutrition Programs and Services Quiz 4
Unit 5Management of Food and Nutrition Programs and Services Quiz 5
Module 21Foodservice Systems Quizzes
Unit 1Foodservice Systems Quiz 1
Unit 2Foodservice Systems Quiz 2
Unit 3Foodservice Systems Quiz 3
Unit 4Foodservice Systems Quiz 4
Unit 5Foodservice Systems Quiz 5
Module 22Foodservice / Management Math Problems Quizzes
Unit 1Foodservice / Management Math Problems Quiz 1
Unit 2Foodservice / Management Math Problems Quiz 2
Unit 3Foodservice / Management Math Problems Quiz 3
Unit 4Foodservice / Management Math Problems Quiz 4
Unit 5Foodservice / Management Math Problems Quiz 5
Module 23Mixed Topics Quizzes
Unit 1Mixed Topics Quiz 1
Unit 2Mixed Topics Quiz 2
Unit 3Mixed Topics Quiz 3
Unit 4Mixed Topics Quiz 4
Unit 5Mixed Topics Quiz 5
Module 24Practice Exams
Unit 1Practice Exam 1
Unit 2Practice Exam 2
Module 25Course Progress and Test Scores
Unit 1Course Progress and Test Scores
Module 26What is available
Unit 1Fun additions
Unit 2Domain 1
Unit 3WIC