Module 1Get Started
Unit 1Get Started Instructions 
Module 2Entry Practice Exam
Unit 1Entry Practice Exam 
Module 3Vitamins and Minerals
Unit 1Vitamin A 
Unit 2Vitamin D 
Unit 3Vitamin E 
Unit 4Vitamin K 
Unit 5Fat-Soluble Vitamins Review Chart 
Unit 6Flash cards: Fat-Soluble Vitamins A 
Unit 7Flash cards: Fat-Soluble Vitamins B 
Unit 8Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 
Unit 9Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 
Unit 10Water-Soluble Vitamins Review Chart 
Unit 11Flash Cards: Water-Soluble Vitamins A 
Unit 12Flash Cards: Water-Soluble Vitamins B 
Unit 13Iron 
Unit 14Flash Cards: Minerals 
Unit 15Vitamins and Minerals Quiz 
Module 4Diabetes
Unit 1Diabetes Overview 
Unit 2Flash Cards: Diabetes Overview 
Unit 3Diagnostics 
Unit 4Flash Cards: Diabetes labs 
Unit 5Glycemic Load and Complications 
Unit 6Types of Insulin 
Unit 7Flash Cards: Diabetes Insulin Management 
Unit 8The Diabetes Exchange List 
Unit 9Flash Cards: Diabetes Exchange List 
Unit 10Diabetes Quiz 
Module 5Renal System
Unit 1Diseases of the Renal System 
Unit 2CKD stages 1-3 of Chronic Kidney Disease 
Unit 3CKD Stages 4-5 of Chronic Kidney Disease 
Unit 4Renal System Quiz 
Module 21What is available
Unit 1Fun additions 
Unit 2In-Class Teaching Quiz 
Unit 3Interactive Book 
Module 23Exit Practice Exam
Unit 1Exit Practice Exam 
Module 24Want more topics?
Unit 1Thank you! We would love your feedback! 
Module 25Course Progress and Test Scores
Unit 1Course Progress and Test Scores